Problems From a Bad Oil Filter

Don’t Use Cheap Untrusted or Unknown Brands of the Oil Filters.

Why? Here are the three reasons:

1. Engine Damage
One of the most expensive issues that can occur as a result of a bad oil filter is engine damage. A poor oil filter means the oil is performing below optimal level. This could cause the engine to overheat or even worth conditions: engine parts could become not well lubricated and this could become a really serious problem where the piston ring meets the cylinder bore. A bad, or inexpensive oil filter may burst, which can cause extensive engine damage. Poor oil filters cannot withstand variations in temperature and pressure that occur within an engine and it’s moving parts.

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2. Leaks
Imagine if the oil filter cannot withstand the pressure or the temperature involved in its operation. This may cause leak back into the rest of the oil pan. As a result, this may create a bigger leak, which may cause oil to spill out of the vehicle and onto the surfaces of the external engine parts and equipment. This can be difficult to clean up and may require expensive repair work on the oil pan.

3. Clogging
Some times bad oil filter can get clogged. In this case it may cause the bypass valve to open, and as a result – unfiltered oil start traveling around the engine system. The main purpose of filtering oil is to remove potentially harmful material that can corrode or damage components within the vehicle. Unfiltered oil will, as with a leak, cause extensive damage to other parts of the vehicle’s machinery. Overheating is one of the most common side effects of an oil filter malfunction.